Post Treatment Instructions

Most people do well and recover quickly after appointments for fillings or crowns.  Here are some things to keep in mind during the post treatment period:

  • Eat soft foods while you are still numb from the anesthetic, in order to prevent injury to the tissues surrounding the filling.
  • Continue soft foods for the first day after treatment, while the filling fully sets.
  • Cold sensitivity is normal, usually continuing for no more than two weeks.  Some people experience cold sensitivity for a longer period.
  • There may be minimal sensitivity, usually in the surrounding tissues, for 1- 2 days following treatment.
  • If your bite feels “off” after 2-4 days, call for an adjustment.
  • If pain is extreme, throbbing, or keeps you awake, please call the office and we will arrange to see you.  This reaction is rare and not typical.