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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you often feel sleepy during the day even when you allowed enough time for adequate sleep the night before?  Have you ever been told that you snore?  If you suspect you might have sleep apnea, a good place to start is with a visit to Murphy Family Dental.

According to the American Dental Association, “sleep apnea is a common and serious sleeping disorder that happens when your regular breathing is interrupted during sleep. Snoring is common among patients with sleep apnea but not all snorers have sleep apnea.”  More →

Oral Sedation

Murphy Family Dental offers oral sedation in addition to anesthetic injections which numb the tooth and prevent pain during the procedure.  More →


At Murphy Family Dental our goal is to prevent dental disease as much as possible.  We want to start seeing our patients as children, care for them right up to adulthood and never find a cavity!  One way cavities can be prevented is through the placement of sealants.  More →


Toothbrushes aren’t too high tech, but they’re an important tool in the fight against tooth decay. Used regularly (along with dental floss) they can lead to “gold star” checkups.  More →


A dental cleaning at Murphy Family Dental gives you something to smile about.  Not only does your mouth feel wonderfully fresh and clean, but your smile looks great, too.  And even more important, regular dental cleanings remove the plaque and calculus that canlead to decay and periodontal disease.  More →

Dental Implants

Imagine the joy of chewing steak after many years of soft foods! Implants make real chewing possible.  More →

PreXion CT Cone Beam Scanner – 3D Imaging/Diagnostics

Our new PreXion CT Cone Beam Scanner is the first one in Anchorage and second in Alaska.  More →

ZOOM! Bleaching

We know you’re concerned about keeping your teeth strong and healthy, and that’s our focus, too. But still, a dazzling smile is important. We believe you can have both, and we’re committed to helping you with all your dental needs and wants.  More →

Lumineers and Veneers

Lumineers are porcelain veneers bonded to enamel or dentin.  More →

CEREC CAD/CAM Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays

At Murphy Family Dental our goal is to combine the most innovative dental technology with a conservative approach to treatment, in order to provide beautiful, lasting restorations. Our doctors have done thousands of inlays, onlays and crowns while using our CEREC CAD/CAM machine to provide the best restoration in one visit. No impression material, no temporaries, 1 visit!  More →

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Our goal at Murphy Family Dental is to preserve your natural teeth for the rest of your life.  For some patients, however, there comes a time when the best course of action is to extract teeth and replace them with either a partial denture or a full denture.  If you are considering one of these options, our doctors will be happy to meet with you and discuss the alternatives available to replace missing or nonrestorable teeth.  More →


A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, looks great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth may have been. The restoration can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.  More → 


Crowns (sometimes called caps) are used to restore individual teeth that are badly decayed, broken or cracked, or weakened by a large filling or by root canal therapy.  More → 

Root Canal Therapy

Inside each tooth the pulp runs like a thread down through the root, providing nutrients and nerves to the tooth. When the pulp is diseased or injured, the pulp tissue dies. If you don’t remove it, your tooth gets infected and you could lose it. Years ago, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you’d probably lose that tooth. Today, with root canal therapy, there’s a good chance the tooth can be saved.  More →


At Murphy Family dental we offer three types of fillings: amalgam, composite (sometimes called resin), and porcelain.  More →

Periodontal Procedures

Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues that support your teeth. Your gum tissue is not attached to the teeth as high as it may appear. There is a very shallow v-shaped crevice between the tooth and gums. Periodontal disease attacks just below the gum line in this crevice, where it breaks down the attachment of the tooth and its supporting tissues, causing a pocket.  More →


At Murphy Family Dental our doctors perform extractions for a variety of reasons.  More →

Digital X-Rays

Murphy Family Dental provides digital x-rays for diagnosis and treatment for countless reasons.  More →