At Murphy Family dental we offer three types of fillings: amalgam, composite (sometimes called resin), and porcelain.

Amalgam fillings are the silver-colored fillings used in the back of the mouth on the chewing surfaces.  They are strong and long lasting, and since they are placed in an area where they do not show, their appearance is not critical to the patient’s smile.

Composite fillings are white, tooth-colored fillings that blend in visually with the patient’s natural teeth.  Composite fillings are used to restore teeth in the front of the mouth, teeth that show when the patient smiles. We don’t use composite on back teeth because the material doesn’t hold up under the stress of chewing and grinding.

For patients who want a natural look throughout their mouth, porcelain fillings are available.  Although considerably more expensive than the other two choices, porcelain can be used anywhere in the mouth, and it is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Our doctors are happy to discuss your treatment plan with you and explain the reason a particular type of filling is recommended.