Dixie – Office Assistant

Dixie and her husband moved to Alaska from South Dakota in 2001, planning to stay four years. They are now in their eleventh year of the four year plan, and there is no more talk about moving away.

Dixie’s work experience in the medical field began at 16 years of age when she was a nursing home aide.  She progressed to work as an EMT, a hospital radiology technician, and to managing x-ray and patient care in an orthopedic office, and she now works at Murphy Family Dental as an Office Assistant.   She says “Dentistry is a new and interesting field for me.  I love helping people and it is enjoyable to be a part of Murphy Family Dental’s caring family atmosphere.”

From her first day on the job Dixie became a valued member of the team, and it seems like she’s been here forever.  She cheerfully and efficiently does whatever task is at hand at the front desk and sometimes in the operatories as well – all with a smile and a genuine personal interest in staff and patients.  It’s a joy to have her here as part of the staff at Murphy Family Dental.