A dental cleaning at Murphy Family Dental gives you something to smile about.  Not only does your mouth feel wonderfully fresh and clean, but your smile looks great, too.  And even more important, regular dental cleanings remove the plaque and calculus that can lead to decay and periodontal disease.

Even if you regularly brush and floss (and we hope you do) you can’t remove all of the material that accumulates and leads to dental disease – for that you need a Registered Dental Hygienist.  We have three RDH’s in our office, and every one of them is completely dedicated to preventing tooth decay, as well as bone loss and tooth loss due to periodontal disease.


Our hygienists also work with periodontal specialists to maintain patients who have had periodontal surgery, and in many cases regular cleanings, along with scrupulous home care, can actually improve a patient’s periodontal condition.  And although our patients don’t diagnose tooth decay or other dental conditions, they are alert to changes in a patient’s mouth that should be investigated by a dentist or medical doctor.

We hope you’ll commit to regular dental cleanings (twice a year for most people) – it’s a great way to preserve your dental health and your beautiful smile.